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Wired and Wireless Installation

Networking is a science.

Networking is a complicated matter. There are many protocols which use your network resources, even browsing this web page takes a protocol to communicate over your network. We know and understand all aspects when it comes to networking devices like computers, laptop, netbooks, android phones as well as iPhone / iPod / iPad and tablets. Wired and Wireless, respectfully.


Wired networks are by design stationary to a specific location within your home or office. If you lack wiring we are qualified to run wiring if you need to within your office. Your home may not be able to be wired especially if you rent your dwelling. We apologize. You are better off going wireless in your home to avoid damaging your living environment.


As the name suggests this is a network without wires. Wireless can be easy, but some carriers may give you a wireless access point which has an SSID and its Access Key labeled on the device. This is insecure and a breach as far as standards are concerned. Anyone can get on your secured network and compromise your services. We can make your wireless as secured as possible.

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