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Service Agreements

Keeping your Server, Workstations and Network in peak performance.

We offer customized Maintenance Service Agreement to fit to your needs and requirements. Maintenance Service Agreements are based on 1-year, 2-year, 3-year or more increments.

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  • FULL MAINTENANCE SERVICE AGREEMENTS: covers everything below except "Block-Time Agreements." You can view our outline commitment to our clients here. These agreements list all covered equipment from Servers, Computers, Printers, Routers / Switches. When an Annual Maintenance Service Agreement is established with us it also reduces our hourly on-site rate for you saving you even more.
  • Fortinet Maintenance Agreement: This agreement covers Fortinet FortiGate (labor and monitoring) for the term desired. We also include a scheduled preventative maintenance service call annually with firmware update.
  • Network and Software Maintenance Agreement: covers the network for all software connectivity related issues, replacement hardware is not covered (labor only).
  • Hardware Maintenance Agreement: covers all equipment listed in the service agreement, mainly servers, workstations, NAS, routers, switches, Network Printers, etc. this is not a warranty coverage this is for labor only. Hardware replacement is extra but you will not be charged for labor to work replace covered equipment, even deal with the company you may have warranty with on such equipment.
  • Block-Time Agreements: With the purchase of bulk block-time, clients purchase prepaid hours of time in advance to achieve lower hourly rates. We offer increments of 10-hours, 20-hours and so on. The block time only expires when it is fully consumed in increments of 1/4-hour. Our response time is next-day or same day for a small emergency fee.

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