Cutting the cost of your technology needs!
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Cutting the cost of your technology needs!

We set out with one goal in mind. To create a professional computer company that is inexpensive and reliable. Well, we did just that. We set out on a mission to get professional training knowledge of what we support. Then we perfected our technique and intergrated acquired textbook training into our real world skills. This is what we have become today!

At 1-2-5 Computing Services, we pride ourselves with experience since 1991 (company established in 1999) in the computer service industry. We service industries from the Home Consumer to State Emergency Agencies like Fire and Police to small offices to large corporations.

Formally of ABC Computing Services, we paired up with the owner of this computer company in late 2002 and stayed with this company until its abrubt closing in early of 2012. We stayed with this company under an agreement that after his retirement he was going to leave this company to us to up-hold its reputation. This deal was reneged when he was forced to close down due to health issues and gave the company to someone who needs people like me to keep it in business which is now closed. We learned that on October 21, 2012 the owner past away, R.I.P. Richard Steven Parker. Thank you for all you have given us!

We provide efficient and cost effective solutions for any specific needs. Whether it is a server, computer or networking; we've work with them all. All while keeping in-step with the latest in technology, security, backups and redundancy. We realize that if your organization's equipment is not operating properly, most often, your company does not operate. You get this is all accomplished without the cost of an on-site IT Department

We have resources to all major computer manufacturer's parts, peripherals and supplies from across the country to aid in your establishment's up-time and productiveness.

We offer fast, professional and courteous service with friendly and knowledgeable technicians that will solve your problem(s) promptly and efficiently. We pride ourselves with a high quality of service standards and the quickest turn-around times. We have for many years and will do so for many years to come.

If you do not use 1-2-5 Computing Services then you will pay too much for too little!

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